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Edhinor is a leading firm in the construction sector in Spain. Working, innovating and researching for over 30 years to achieve excellence, our reason for being.

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  • Edhinor is a construction company set up in 1981 by experienced professionals in the building segment and civil work. It has always had the willingness to be in the market with measured and commensurate growth, with the interest to offer its customers a meticulous and personal dedication.
  • The high level of specialization and professionalism of its staff, guarantees its customers the execution of any kind of projects, regardless of its difficulty grade.
  • Its market is orientated to the building segment (public and private), civil works, railways, structural rehabilitation, restoration of the cultural heritage, servicing and maintenance of buildings, integral management of water, environmental sustainability, subcontracting, development of engineering technologies and new techniques, concession and exploitation under concession regime of infrastructure, energies.
  • Edhinor is a member of SEOPAN (Construction Companies Scope National Association), along with the sector’s major companies in this domain.
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Our best presentation is the examples of some of our projects and works. Here you will find the reasons why you can rely upon us.

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Download or view our catalogue of buildings performed by Edhinor.

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Restoration and Rehabilitation

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In this publication you will find examples, images and specifications about the rehabilitation Works carried out by our company.

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