Performance areas - Edhinor
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edhinor madrid


The basis of our work develops around three fundamental pillars, whose performance is carried out independently and with the highest demand and specialization level.


obra constructora

Architecture, and therefore the building or construction of buildings, is a technique in constant evolution. The emergence of new materials and new techniques, offers us with the most advanced technologies, the possibility of building with a higher security, a better appearance and a greater functionality. Edhinor is at the vanguard of construction since 1981.

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obra publica

Edhinor has specialized in the restoration of architectonic complexes respecting with exquisite detail, both the appearance and the materials used to restore the building appearance to their original state.

The rehabilitation of facades and structures is another of the aspects that makes our firm to be a strong leader within our industry.

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obra civil edhinor

Edhinor has been over three decades combining quality, safety, efficiency and aesthetics, to the civil works which have been entrusted to us. All of this has earned us quality certifications in environmental responsibilities and safety which can be granted in the construction sector. Meet an example of the work done along our country.

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